How did Empress Secret come about?

Lola: The formulations we use are re-created from the ancient recipes that were specially made for imperial Empresses.  We thought Empress Secret is a great name to bring out the historical and cultural background that we came from.  

Lola: We wanted to make the Empress Secret product so beautiful and so helpful for each woman to regain their health, vitality and beauty. From the beginning, we’ve decided that we will make all Empress Secret products completely natural and of the highest quality.

What is Empress Secret Drink?

Lola: Empress Secret drink is a non-tea based, high quality herbal drink with many healing properties. This drink is the first, true authentic herbal drink that is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) formulations. Our first product, Ancient Age Renewal Blend, is a one of kind, anti-aging drink that stimulates, replenishes and rejuvenates the body from the inside out. It targets the body as a whole and aim for sustainable health.

Lola: We take a great deal of pride in making the product. The process is complicated. We were very careful in qualifying ingredients suppliers and manufacturing facilities. At the end of the day, we want each batch to deliver consistent flavor and health benefits.

How does Empress Secret work?

Lola: Before we explain how Empress Secret drink works, let me explain briefly Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles. One of the most important TCM* principles is that everything is interdependent and mutually interactive in the universe.   Our body is a small universe just like the macro universe and should be analyzed with reference to the whole. For exampe. if you have unexplainable skin problems such as a rash, most likely that problem is attributable to your lung deficiencies. And if your skin tone is consistently dull, that could likely be your spleen is deficient.

Lola: Essentially, all the organs have to work in harmony  in order to absorb the nutrients from what you eat and drink. The spleen energy masters the entire digestive system. We all know there are millions of wonderful products out there, such as raw, fermented juice, smoothie etc, however, if you are deficient in spleen energy, you will not properly absorb the nutrients from these nutrient rich foods; additionally they could even compromise your health further.

Empress Secret drink is unique because it enhances your spleen energy. This gives you a fundamental boost to your digestive system so that you could absorb all the nutrients more efficiently.  And your whole body in turn will work like a symphony.

Lola: Our first Ancient Age-Renewal Blend contains: Jujube dates, goji berries, ….. . Each ingredient is loaded with anti-oxidant. For example, goji berry, ….., jujube dates…..

Lola: Our formulation for Ancient Age Renewal Blend calls for all the anti-aging properties in each ingredient and we bottle them in one drink to help the body to fight and reverse aging. 

What benefits I will get? How long should I take it?

Lola: Our Age-Renewal blend is designed to provide essential anti-aging nutrients to the internal organs. Most of our customers who drink this product experience improved sleep quality thanks to improved spleen energy, better skin tone, calmer and more balanced mood. We have received so many touching testimonials from our customers. But the true testimonial comes from your own body, you have to try it in order to know exactly how your body receive the benefits.

Lola: Some people hate taking vitamins. The Age-Renewal blend is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals. These are all natural, unprocessed, easy to absorb vitamins that you need every day.

Lola: As we age, we need to find effortless ways to be beautiful. Drinking Empress Secret is one of the effortless ways. Drink 1-2 servings of Empress Secret a day, it will provide key nutrients to tone your internal systems.

Closing Remark:

Lola: We are happy to be the messengers of 5000 years of herbal wisdom and bring the Empress Secret as a gift to the western culture.

Lola: We wish for all women to age gracefully and we are sure they will with the Empress Secret drink.

*TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine